Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Boosting Morale in the workplace

Turn your office into a place people love to come to work everyday

1- Open communication
Fostering open communication with your employees helps you understand them better and build rapport.

2- Public appreciation
Means showing recognition for any good work achieved by your employees. Showing appreciation goes a long way in motivating other employees to reach for the stars.

3- Work life balance
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. In the workplace, it could translate into employees being stuck in a routine.

4- Team bonding
No man is an island. This saying runs true in any organization that requires everyone to work together as a team. At facebook, the firm has a very sociable workplace with no cubicles to encourage team bonding. The work culture is also very open discussions about project and ideas are shared freely.

5- Just like home
When your work environment is comfortable, employees will feel more motivated. Google knows this and has provided entertainment example gyms, pool tables, yoga and dance classes to make their employees feel right at home.

6- Rewards and gifts
These are small gestures that brighten up someone’s day. When you constantly show appreciation to your employees, such as sending them thank-you cards, you can be sure they will be constantly in high spirits.

7- Eradicate all gloomers
It only takes one person to spoil the office mood. They are the type of employees that constantly complain that nothing is ever right but never take action to improve their situation.
If you have such employees, it is best to talk to them.

8- Show respect
Respect is earned, not demanded. When you show respect to your employees, they will return the favour and the result will be a harmonious, vibrant and productive working environment.

Source : THE STARS

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