Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tips on Social and Business Etiquette


1. Always give a proper handshake, because it shows confidence. It should be a firm grip – not too weak, but not too strong either. You gotta get it just right.

2. When you walk into an interview, introduce yourself with your first and last name. Don’t ever just say “hi”.

3. Prepare for the “three weaknesses and three strengths” question because most of the time, people are only prepared to talk about their strengths.

4. At a social event, always hold your drink in your left hand – even if you’re a left-hander – because you don’t want to have a wet palm during a handshake.

5. If you’re an introvert at a party, approach a group of four to five people. That way, you wouldn’t have as much pressure to contribute to the conversation.


1. At a lunch interview (or any other event, for that matter), do not add seasoning to your food before tasting it, because that shows you’re someone who makes rash decisions before trying things out.

2. Always practice common courtesy in a work environment. If you’re in an office elevator, for example, don’t just fiddle with your phone or ignore someone yelling for you to hold the door. He/she just might be your interviewer or future boss!

3. If you receive a call from an unknown number, again, don’t just say “hi”. Answer by mentioning your first and last name because you’d never know if it’s for a phone interview.

4. Do not ask about your salary package at an interview, because it shows you’re unprepared. Market rates are available online, so do your research. Wait until they show they’re interested in hiring, then you can negotiate your pay if you want.

5. Avoid wearing red for interviews because it shows power and strength. That intimidates interviewers, who might subconsciously become reluctant to hire you in case you end up being competition for them. Go with neutral colours like blue or grey. And girls – no sky-high heels. One to three inches is fine, and they must be closed-toe shoes.

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