Thursday, July 10, 2014

Leadership Style That Gets Good Results

1. Pace-setting Leader "Do as i do, now"

  • Leader expects and model excellence.
  • Best for team which are already skilled and when quick results are needed.
  • Over usage may lead to hindrance of innovation and overwhelming the team.
2. Authoritative Leader "Come with me"
  • Leader mobilizes team towards common vision with focus on end goals and giving autonomy to the team to decide.
  • Works best in circumstances where situational factors had made an impact(i.e. new vision needed).Best in inspiring entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm.
  • May not be best when team is made of experts who knows more than the leader.
3. Affiliative Leader "People come first"
  • Leader creates emotional bond and feeling of belonging to organisation.
  • Works best in times of stress or bouncing back from trauma or rebuilding trust.
  • Sole reliance on this style(i.e. praising and nurturing) can foster mediocre performance and lack of direction.
4. Coaching Leader "Try this" 
  • Leader develops people for the future.
  • Works best when leader intends to assist teammates in building individual strengths for overall success.
  • Least effective when teammates are defiant/unwilling to change or when leader lacks proficiency.
5. Coercive Leader "Do what I tell you"
  • Leader demands immediate compliance. 
  • Most effective in crisis(i.e. company takeover) or when actual danger is present. Can also be useful in controlling problematic teammate should all other means fail.
  • Should be avoided where not necessary as it alienates people, stifles flexibility and inventiveness.
6. Democratic Leader "What do you think"
  • Leader builds consensus through participation.
  • Most effective when buy-in, engagement is needed or when fresh ideas are needed from qualified teammates.
  • Not the best choice when pressed for time or if teammates are not well-versed enough to provide guidance or perspective.

 Adapted from Daniel Goleman's "Leadership that gets results"

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