Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The most important tips for career planning are :
1) Never Stop Learning
As the world is constantly changing and you think that your current skills or knowledge is not good enough, you should find ways to increase your skills and never stop learning new skills
2) Ask, Listen & Learn
Ask, listen and learn from your colleagues, your superiors and your boss. They have a lot of experiences to share.
3) Fulfill your current job
Do your job well and fulfill your job responsibilities. This is often the best way to start a new career.
4) Build your network
Your next career step might start from your contact network. If you have a good contact network, it is a good place to discover future careers, new trends and opportunities.
5) Identify your current job
Your current job should be identified, not assumed. Make sure to differentiate what is important and what is not in your current job.
6) Identify your dream job
Identify your dream job and your goal in order to determine your best career.
7) Prepare yourself
Do not procrastinate. Update your cv now & regularly. You might never know that your dream job might come today or tomorrow.
8) Pick the right tools
Take short courses to improve your knowledge and skills. Your current job is also a valuable source of acquiring new skills.
9) Realize your dreams
If you have set your goals, put them into action. Do not wait. Realize your dreams now.

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